Virtual Fixture Cleaner/Deodorizer

Virtual Fixture Cleaner/Deodorizer

Janisan Virtual Fixture Automatic Drip Deodorizer provides continuous cleaning and deodorizing for Toilets and Urinals

Janisan Virtual Fixture Automatic Cleaning Systems ensure that toilets and urinals are always clean, odor-free and presentable. Equipped with one of our four cleaner and deodorizer refills, Janisan Virtual Fixture Automatic Cleaning Systems deliver powerful formulas that attack and eliminate odors at the source, automatically cleaning fixture surfaces, 24/7.

Enhances Cleanliness and Image Round-the-Clock
  • Dramatically improves the overall cleanliness and image of any washroom
  • Powerful formulas eliminate the breeding ground of bacteria and odors at the source
  • No need to shut off the water
  • Optional drill-through chrome connection kit allows for easy in-line installation (with optional connection tube) allowing cleaning solution to reach hard to clean areas such as rim holes
  • Controlled dispensing eliminates over use and places less chemicals into the waste streams.
  • Dispenser battery life of up to 3 years (Requires 2 "C" Cell alkaline batteries, not included.)

NOTE: Urinals typically have 3/4" or 1-1/4" pipe sizes while toilets typically have 1-1/2" pipe sizes.

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